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  • Niceguy

    January 9, 2021 at 5:12 am

    If you and your husband are already curious, you’re well on your way. First, be sure to talk about it – whether you are really OK with the other being with someone else. If the answer is yes, just go to Sea Mountain! You can even agree on the first visit just to enjoy your nakedness and watch others – that’s what we did – it was so hot, our sex together (and alone) was amazing! We even woke up early in tbe morning and decided we wanted to have sex at poolside (no one was there, but we knew someone might walk by).

    Our second time, we got into the pool shortly after we arrived and literally bumped into the friendliest couple, who introduced us to 2 other couples. We laughed and talked and one guy asked my partner if he could touch her – she looked at me, I nodded and she said yes. His partner then swam up to me and we kissed. After a few minutes of all 8 of us caressing and kissing, one guy says “orgy in our room?”. And there we were, all of us in bed together! It seemed so natural to both of us!

    We were there for a weekend, and the next night was a costume party. We brought sexy outfits and danced in the little night club for quite awhile, gradually losing our skimpy clothing and then jumping into the hot tub. There were quite a few people in it (25 or so) and my partner went crazy! As I watched her climb between 2 guys, I felt a hand around my cock and a friendly “Hi again” whispered into my ear! One of the women from the previous night had found me!

    I’ve never felt so free and natural! I’m older (60s), and just average-looking. But there were plenty of men like me, and everyone was totally accepting.

    During the day, we had normal conversations with people – news of the day, sports, movies, etc. The only difference was that we were naked!

    We’ve been back 3 more times after that, each visit better than the previous time.

    Bottom line, your visit will be what you make it. If you are open to new experiences, they will just happen naturally. And if you happen not to enjoy it as much as most visitors, at least you will know that you opened the door and peeked through! But I have great confidence that it will be one of the greatest experiences of your lives!

    Hope to see you or hear about your trip should you decide to visit. Vaccinations and warmer weather just around the corner! And if you happen to see a slightly rotund older guy with a smokin’ hot blonde in her 40s, come say Hi and ask “Do you happen to be “Niceguy76″ on PlayAreas?”