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  • Niceguy

    January 14, 2021 at 5:46 am

    Glad you had two fun visits! Yes, Vegas is more “chill”. I think it’s partly due to it being a lot bigger, so people are more spread out. It could also be that there are more “destination visitors”, i.e. they ate in Vegas and want to experience the nude lifestyle. At Desert Hot Springs, people ate coming specifically for SeaMountain. Plus a lot more swingers’ groups come as a group – it’s an inexpensive trip, especially if yoy stay off-property.

    Sadly, Vegas is currently closed. I havent heard official news, but there are some references online that they are closed until November. I’m hoping it’s just due to Covid and they are waiting for lots of vaccinations and a buildup of herd immunity.

    But it sounds like you had fun in DHS – both watching and being watched. It IS exciting, fun and healthy.

    We love SMI! As soon as we leave, we start talking about our next trip. We’ve reduced our trips since Covid, but have been there twice. We trust everyone there +it’s just that someone could carry and transmit Covid without even knowing. So we’ll probably wait until we’re vaccinated, which won’t be too long because I work at a life science related company.

    Welcome to the SMI family!